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Scotland has such a variety of wildlife on offer, from Otters to the red squirrel in some of the most stunning scenery.

When traveling the Scotland you have such a variety of wildlife opportunities on your doorsteps. One of my favourite things to do when Traveling to somewhere like the Hebrides is watching the shoreline for otters or seals.

Watching the coastline

If you happen to see an Otter on the shore or in the water hunting for possible dinner, it is important to always keep your distance as they may be trying to find food for there youngsters. The best way to do this is by watching the animal and see which was it is travelling and then getting far ahead of it, then getting set up and then waiting for it to travel up to you after you've go yourself hidden.

Finding the right spot

This shot was taken after spotting an otter far off in the distance then getting ahead of it and then waiting for it in a likely looking spot where it could come to land. After it luckily came to land right in front it was just as important to ensure there was no noise to potentially scare it off. Spotting an otter and being able to photograph it soo close truly is a spectacular experience and going to the Hebrides is always one of the most anticipated holidays of the year.

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