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The Puffin Digging its home.

The incredible and inquisitive little Puffin has to be one of the most colourful and amazing bird to see if the flesh. The brightly coloured bill and body of the bird is such a lovely spectacle to see and observe.

With my first visit to Pembrokeshire I was able to see and watch these lovely little birds digging there holes/homes. To watch the puffins kicking out large qualities of dirt and bringing back sticks and flowers into the den was such an experience to watch.

After multiple minutes of watching dirt fly out of the holes you would often see a little brightly coloured bill looking out the hole just to ensure there is no incoming intruders before quickly returning the dig.

A nice Change in wildlife photography

With soo much of wildlife photography being about waiting around for hours to see a specific animal and getting a photograph, it was such a pleasant change to be able to get to observe these animals soo closely. With them taking almost zero notice of people of Skomer Island you are able to get good photos whilst being very close to them, but beware of flying mud from the Puffins.

That colourful Bill.

With that colourful bill it can create some lovely photo opportunities especially if the colours of the blooming flowers are there. It massively helps getting low to the ground so that you are able to get level with the birds and get the flowers in the background.

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