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The Beautiful Badger

The local little Badger that visits on the odd occasion whilst looking for some dinner. Keeping quiet is key to being able to photograph this little guy as he is extremely timid and wary of an unusual noises. Although the badgers eye-sight is not very good they are extremely cautious animals and anything out of place can spook these animals off.

This photo was taken with an Macro lens with lots of camouflage in front of him, making him unaware of my presence but also allow me to get extremely close to this little cub.

With regular visits it makes it a lot easier to plan to photograph these animals and other things like foxes as they usually follow the same routine while looking for food. Once I figured out when and where he is coming from it just a matter of time until he makes a nice photo.

The young badger

When doing any photography like this it is important to ensure that the animals are not going to be aware of your presence, so any strong smelling odours should be avoided as there sense of smell is incredible strong and sensitive. It's also important to ensure that animals safety as rule number 1, so if there is any possible danger to yourself or the animals please stay away from them.

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